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So you have started running, or have been running for some years already, BUT: You often lack motivation, either not running regularly or not being able to push yourself. Developing consistency will ensure you will overcome the highs.

You have more run potential than you think; you just need to refocus. Hypnosis running helps you activate your run potential and break the shackles of your mind that limit your ability to unleash your potential to its fullest.

Let’s talk about how Hypnorun helps you become a stronger runner than you ever imagined through its Advanced Endurance Coaching (AEC) and the benefits it provides.

Benefits of Advanced Endurance Coaching

AEC Boost Endurance

Your low endurance level is the biggest hurdle in making you a consistent and strong runner. Once you can increase your aerobic capacity and improve your endurance, you run longer than you ever did.

With Advance Endurance Coaching, you get rid of this biggest struggle in your life. Your stamina improves, and your body becomes able to withstand longer exercises. Without getting tired, you run longer than you used to.

The lasting benefits of improved endurance include weight loss, more strength in your bones and muscles, and better overall health.

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No one has a problem with the first mile of a journey. Even an infant could do fine for a while. But it isn’t the start that matters. It’s the finish line – Julien Smith


What People Say

"From 5k’s to marathons, Hypno-Running certainly changed me into a truly exceptional regular runner. This course is about attitude, self-confidence and change through proper mind exercise, training and mindset.” Mike: Hypno-Running is a time intensive online it might seem. Its bite-sized chapters are perfect for picking up and breezing through BUT, there’s plenty that goes on through your mind to develop your focus and rethink the minds perspective on running."​
I love this course. A GREAT approach to running. A good running book has me curled up on the couch but this course got me excited to go for my next run and try it out. And guess what, I remembered the technique and it worked!!
I bought this course for myself, then bought two more copies for friends. The tools are so valuable! This course ACTUALLY isn't just for middle-of-the-pack runners, its for your best run. It'll inspire you to aim higher, whatever goal you might set for yourself.

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